ISSN: 0377-9777 / e-ISSN: 1308-2523
Turkish Bulletin of Hygiene and Experimental Biology - Turk Hij Den Biyol Derg: 62 (1)
Volume: 62  Issue: 1 - 2005
1.A Research On Hygienic Qualıty Of Pıckled White Cheeses In Ankara Market
Zeynal Kaynar, Pınar Kaynar, Celalettin Koçak
Pages 1 - 10

2.Adhesion Behaviours Of Staphylococcus Epidermidis And Escherıchia Coli On Different Surgery Sutures
Abbas Yousefı Rad
Pages 11 - 16

3.Comparison Of Somatic And Excretion/Secretion Antigens Obtained in Pbs And Rpmi 1640 By Elisa Method For The Serodiagnosis Of Fascioliasis
Ayşegül Taylan Özkan, Metin Korkmaz, Aydınten Kuman, Hasan Ayçiçek, Mehmet Tanyüksel
Pages 17 - 26

4.The Evaluation Of The Activity Of Disinfectants Against Mıcroorganisms On Clean And Dirty Surfaces
Birgül Kaçmaz, Nedim Sultan, Laser Şanal
Pages 27 - 33

5.The Effects Of Cold Stress Treatment And Enalapril Maleat Which Is A Hypotensive Drug On Total Rna Levels In Different Rat Tissues
Zeliha Selamoğlu Talas, Muhittin Yürekli
Pages 35 - 40

6.Malnutrition Status Of 0-36 Months Old Chıldren In Kayseri Province And Some Effecting Factors
Neriman İnanç, Mualla Aykut, Betül Çiçek, Habibe Şahin, Müge Yılmaz, Dilek Katrancı, Rukiye Tuna
Pages 41 - 48

7.Natriuretıc Peptides
Fatma Uçar, Serpil Turhan
Pages 49 - 54

8.Toxicologic Effects Of Household Chemicals
Nilgün Oto Geçim, Nuşin Harmancı
Pages 55 - 58

9.Continuous Education And Continuous Professional Development
Ruhi Selçuk Tabak
Pages 59 - 66

10.General Definitions Of Culture Colections And Culture Collections In Turkey
Demet Yumuşak, Özge Öncül, Berrin Esen
Pages 67 - 71

11.Survaillance System Of Communicable Diseases In Turkey
Yıldırım Bayazıt
Pages 73 - 76

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